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So, when i first contacted Beata I didnt know how its gonna be like,
but let me tell you that after she sended me the synastry reading, I
realised how talented she is, how involved she is and that she
actually really listen and care about us and what we have to say.
Even though you may not have some prepared questions in your mind,
after she will see your chart or the synastry chart, she will know
exactly where ”it hurts”, where the problem is.


I highly recommand Beata! She is the best!

I was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks so I turned to Beata to find some clarity. I was curious about what she has to say about triggers in my birth chart – what is triggering me to feel anxious in my own life. Last years were difficult. Thanks to Beata, I not only know the triggers but she also suggested some remedies and I have to say that following her advices made my life easier. I don´t know how she does it, but this reading goes far beyond the astrology!


Hi Beata! Thank you for excellent reading of my career forecast. You gave me hope that this is just a phase I am going through. Your reading was very accurate and this I can tell because things you have told me that are about to come, really did! I got very clear picture about my career purpose and I am very excited to go that way! It was lovely speaking to you, thanks one more time and wish you all the best!

Many thanks to Beata! I came across your youtube channel and was very excited to learn more about my relationship from you. Now I feel I have more insight into my current situation and I know what each of us is looking for in a relationship. It was very knowleadgable to learn so many intimate details from our relationship just by our horoscope.

Beata can really go into the heart of the matter. Her reading is not vague and what I appreciate the most is that I have access to her and can ask as many questions as I have, also once the reading is over. Thank you Beata, you are amazing.
Brittany Danielle

I was surprised by Beata´s clarity on my long lasting problem. I had horsocope reading but she was so kind that she also did tarot reading for me. Now I know exactly where I stand with my situation. I appreciate that she is capable not only to cut through the problem but also suggested solution. I felt much more calmer after having reading with her.

What I love about Beata is that she is capable to connect invisible world with our reality. She channels information properly but also has very pro-active attitude to her client´s needs. I had more than one reading and to me, she is the best astrologer but psychic as well! It was my pleasure to write this testimonial for you.

Beata is a very empathetic and feeling person(moon in pisces!). She is
also a very competent and thorough professional. Her readings comprise
multiple systems and elements( including psychology, astrology, tarot,
philosophy, and wisdom) to devine the most comprehensive and useful
answer to clients questions and needs. Beata is a kind and dedicated person who offers amazing readings accuracy, and excellent value for her products. I recommend her with confidence. You will be very satisfied! I give her 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!


Beata is very intuitive with a high level of emotional
intelligence so it is always a pleasure to speak with her. The
predictive reading is pretty comprehensive because she not only forecast some possible future events but also review some of the
energies that you may have experienced in the past few years, which to
me, is very helpful. What I love and appreciate most is that you canask as many questions as you need and Beata will always try her best
to answer and clarify all of them. Because of this, I requested a
third reading for my career. I will definitely reach out again andperhaps one day request a synastry report – which I think is her


Once again, thank you kindly for your time. You have helped me not
only to understand about my relationship, myself but also broadening
my knowledge of astrology in general.
I look forward to seek your readings for supports in the future.
You are fabulous at what you do. Unlike other astrologers you really
care to take the time to understand your client’s situation and follow
through with the reading through the QnAs. Please keep doing what
you do best at. The world need more astrologer like yourself.
Thank you and Take care.


I recommend Beata’s services to anyone who wants to dig deeper in
astrology. She is truly an expert in the synastry readings. She knows
her craft and possesses depth to explain complex concepts with a
touch of humor and care. She followed up with all the questions I had
with generosity. I will definitely use her expertise again and recommend
her wholeheartedly for all your astrology needs!
 _Paola from Italy_

I have purchased the Synastry Course, as well as both the Relationship and Intimacy Readings from Beata and I highly recommend her astrological services. I not only appreciate her clear and detailed approach, but also her personal insight as to how certain aspects can be interpreted, what amount of emphasis to place upon various observations such as interrelated groupings of planets and positions, when the degree of orb involved produces the greatest or least amount of influence, as well as analysis of where angular relationships (conjunction, trine, opposition, square, etc.) arise and to what extent they are important. Beata excells in all of these areas. I am very pleased with her work! Bradley

Thank you:) I watched all your youtube films and like your True personalisty 🙂 I can feel your strong energy and knowledge and trust you even bebore I wrote too you. As a triple pisces I feeel too much of people energies and intentions and could feel and underderant to the core reasons of behaviors. Sylwia