Cardi B was born on October 11th, 1992 in Bronx, New York. Unfortunately, her birth time is unknown, so what we cannot tell about her is her Rising Sign, planets in houses and also predictions are very limited without knowing her birth time. However, in this article I would like to show you that there are still some interesting facts which can be seen in her birth chart. Cardi was born during Full Moon, which makes Sun and Moon opposing each other in her natal chart.

Cardi B is Libra Sun. Sun in particular sign represents only small part of our personalities. Small percentage. That´s why general predictive horoscopes based on your sun sign simply don´t work. There is only one more planet in Libra in her chart and that is Jupiter. So we can tell that this zodiac sign influences her in very small way.

What I find significant in her chart is tight conjunction between Pluto and Venus, together with Venus in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio conjuncting Venus. We don´t know in which house these planets are placed, but there are certain things we can tell about her personality: love life and how are her thinking processes. Venus in Scorpio itself brings very intense experiences into her love life. This Venus loves deeply, passionately and erotically. This is someone who is loyal, commited and really believes and she found the one (everytime she falls in love). Attachments to the chosen one are big and radical. Her Venus conjuncts Pluto on the top which makes this trait of her even 3 times stronger. This is someone who came into this world to transform themselves through various love encounters. She can very well be transformed through sex, sex can become almost spiritual and otherworld experience for her. There is great sexual aura around her, and this can very well be put into her creative, artistic, music work. It almost seems like she is channeling and using sex energy to create in her work and music business.

Mercury in Scorpio makes her deep thinker. There is great contradiction within her, as she has Moon in Aries squaring Mars, which is the most open Moon of all. With Moon in Aries she is capable to open up to people easily, to share her private and domestic life with strangers (as Moon represents our home). It seems like she has no problem to answer any curious question when being interviewed… This is indeed truth, but her Mercury in Scorpio with square to Saturn makes her much more cautious and aware about what she wants to share with people. So my conclusion here would be that yes, she is open with people but it´s not like it seems (that she is totally open with no boundaries). She only makes it to look like that, but she is smart enough to know how to present herself.

Cardi B became mother on July10th, 2018. If we have birth time of someone, it is quite easy predict such a thing as birth. But here, situation is more difficult. I searched her transits during that period and what immediately stroke me was transiting Pluto in sextile to Venus. Transits to Venus are valid, eventhough we don´t have time of birth. In her case, transiting Pluto was in sextile to Venus in February 2018 and then again on 6th of July, 2018. This is the transit I would say is responsible for birth of her child. It seems to me that she really enjoyed her pregnancy as well. Her baby is some kind of mystical gift for her and she treates her that way. Of course, not every woman is experiencing her pregnancy and birth under such favorable transits, but in her case we could say that she was not only lucky but she was ready for it.