Gemini´s are great to hang out with. There is usually easy access to them.
True is that being Gemini sun does not tell a lot about you. It is because Sun sign represents only 20 percent of your personality. That´s why your birth chart horoscope is much more complexed and complicated thing. And this is also the reason why you might feel that description of the Gemini Sun does not fit into who you really are. But there is still part of your personality which is Gemini and acts like one.

But let´s keep this blog simple and focus on what does it mean being Gemini Sun. First of all, you are a person who loves to collect info. Seriously, I have few Gemini friends and whenever I need something to know I ask them. They either already know the answer or get back to me in 5 minutes with correct answer. I find this feature fantastic. In today´s world we live very instant, detached lives which are mostly happening online. That´s why this era is so generous to Gemini. These people are flexible and it´s indeed adorable feature. They are flexible in their domestic lives, in their careers. They manage their time very vaguely and keep their options open in every case.

These people really know how to keep up with new age. These are fast thinkers and prefer to live in a fast lane. When I meet my Gemini friend in the evening, she afterwards has another 3 activities to do. You know that only Gemini can handle. They are thrilled by constantly changing enviroment, people, situations and places. That´s why they usually get bored easily. Their mind operates on motor mouth speed, so you might be discussing one subject with them, but your Gemini friend is already 3 steps ahead in his head.  Fixed signs would be overwhelmed by Gemini´s thought processes.That´s why they may experience nervous tensions or tics. They have problems to calm down their body, mind and soul. Balance is a word they use really rarely, as they like to be in a hurry.

On a more negative thought about Gemini Sun I have to say that they are not very persistent (unless other factors in their horoscope show something else). They are full of ideas. This is their gift it has been given to them. They literally come with a new idea every day and these are really great stuff. However, when it comes to executing it, it´s another story. Problem with Gemini Sun is that they quickly lose interest. It´s because they believe that there is still something bigger and better around the corner waiting for them. Yes, this makes them a little bit unstable in life. They can also be easily influenced by other people opinions.