Singer Pink is full of Martian energy. She has Mars in 7th house squaring Pluto and Moon in Aries on IC

In this blog I want to dig deeper into general meaning of the planet Mars in your birth chart. What is Mars and how you can take advantage of knowing the sign and house placement of this planet in your chart. Mars is generally known as a solder in your horoscope. If Sun is the king of your birth chart, Mars is the executer. So whatever you want to achieve in your life – Mars is here to support you and execute this goal for you. Mars is ruler of zodiac sign Aries. So here we speak about pure action, energy and drive. Mars does not use logic as Mercury does, nor feelings as Moon does. Mars just “does”.

That´s why it is usually planet Mars which is responsible if you are capable to achieve your goals in life and be successful in life. Whoever is successful in life, surely has strong Mars in the birth chart. If Mars is weak or harshly aspected, person will have only dreams, plans, words but no action will be taken at the end. Mars is indeed strongest in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Martian energy is here projected very powerfully and directly. You have enough energy to plan and to execute. Once you decide you want something, you naturally get it. With Mars in fire signs you get what you see. You don´t like playing games or use hidden tactics to gain something. On the flip side, sometimes you are not tactful in your actions. Mars also does well in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Having Mars in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces is considered as bad, in its fall. If you have Mars in water signs you typically do not use direct approach to gain something. Other people would be very surprised if they knew what you are thinking about. With water signs you are more indirect, manipulative and hard to read for other people.

Through sign of the Mars we can also tell a lot about your sex life, especially how you approach sex. In general, having Mars in fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is really true passion and excited lover of sex. This is the person, who rushes into sex and likes having exciting sex life. Ripping down the clothes and wrestling on the floor while having sex is most likely someone with Mars in fire sign.  Mars in earthy sign  (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) needs earthy pleasures in sex life. Person is usually slow and likes having foreplay. This is devoted Mars and does not have wondering eyes. Mars in earth signs likes to schedule sex and longs for human touch. Mars in water sign needs real love, intimacy and closeness. This person would be scared by rude behavior of someone with Mars in fire sign. Water Mars needs emotions. Mars in water sign cannot image having one night stands only for physical pleasure. Mars in air signs approaches sex as an idea. Sex is not deeply lived or it is not even the most important thing for these people. But these people are great experimenters in bed and can get bored easily in bed. Mars in air likes dirty talk.