Nicky Minaj has Moon in the 8th house and has alluring aura around her

Moon is our habitual nature, it is our emotions, who we are at the core of our beings. Moon also represents our mother and if you are the man, your ideal woman archetype as well. Moon is the most sensitive „planet“ in your chart. It is moon what tells us about how you react when you are not in control, when you shut the door, when you are in privacy. 8th house is house originally ruled by Scorpio which has very little in common with that soft, little Moon. Eight house is known as house of sex, deep psychology, other people finances, occult, mysterious things and also this is the house of all things we want to hide from other people.

This position of the Moon gives intense nature to the person but this feature is not obvious from the first look. However, this person surely has great charisma. This person may look almost like aloof and that situations don´t touch him. But this is not a truth.  Even if the Moon is f.i. in the air or earth sign, this person will still feel emotions very strongly and deeply. Emotions will be intense but hidden.  This means that person is very much aware and affected by outer world but emotions are guarded. Having Moon placed in the 8th house of the horoscope gives person more Scorpionic nature and traits. This person is usually very private and does not trust easily to others. His trust must be earned, it is not given for free. For this person words are meaningless, only action speaks loud for him.

This person is usually secretive about his plans and many would be surprised about the life of this person. He or she may be interested in everything hidden or burried underground. Money is a „biggie“ for this type of person, that´s why you handle money very well. If Moon is  well aspected, you definitely don´t struggle financially. Person may be supported financially by his family, spouse, other people. Great inheritance is also most likely possible with this position of the moon. Overall, you feel at home with money of other people.

Someone with a Moon in the 8th house will prefer to bond with his partner on a very deep level. Actually, this might be his biggest longings of all. But as this is house of Scorpio, this person will desperately long for it, but at the same time he will be scared of it. He is usually scared of real intimacy between two people. If he is able to overcome it, he can be the most loving, loyal and devoted partner of all! Sex is very big part of this person´s life and is capable to enjoy it on many levels. Sex gets better with age and person is capable to dive deep into sexuality and experience new hights in this area. Person is prone to experiment only with lifetime partner, however, if Moon is afflicted this position may give a person who likes to change the beds very often.