Role of the Moon in Relationship Astrology

Moon is the most important “planet” in relationship astrology. Moon is responsible for our emotions, how we perceive life and how much affected are we by life on an emotional level. If you want to know how strong or weak someone is, check his Moon. You will know straight away what you can expect from this person – if he will be loyal (like Moon in Taurus) or more prone to cheating (like Moon square Uranus folks). Of course, I simplify here, because placement of the Moon gives such a complex information that you would get overloaded by this first article. Now-  If you want to choose right partner for life, you should definitely search their moon sign, aspects to moon and position of the moon in their birth chart.

Moon plays signifact role in relationship astrology

First impression can be very tricky. If we meet someone for the first time, it is their Rising what is speaking to us. Let´s take this example: someone has Sagittarius Rising, then indeed, we find this person to be charming and very outgoing. When we get to know this person little bit better, we might get different, more deep expression of who this person really is. If this person has Sun in Cancer, then we find him eventually to be caring,  self-protected and family oriented. But true self of this person is hidden in his Moon. This is his “core” behavior, this is where he is most comfortable and this is what you get if you live with this person. So, let´s say, he has Moon in Aries in difficult aspect to Mars and Pluto. So, we go from that charming person to someone who can actually be an abuser. And this is how he will behave in a relationship with you.

If you want to know if someone has capacity to love you, check their Moon. Moon represents our habitual, unconscious responses to the world. When spiritual leaders talk that we are going on autopilot and making our decisions very unconsciously, they are really talking about our Moon. Moon is that autopilot behavior we do everyday and are not aware to it. Let´s take this example – if you have Moon in Pisces, you should be very sensitive to under currents, full of spiritual and dreamy energy. But if your Moon is in hard contact to Mars, than your Moon is affected and you will be probably more angry than spiritual 🙂

Someone who has let´s say Moon in Virgo is very much drawn to the woman who has Virgo traits herself. He will be drawn to someone who has like Virgo Rising. And this is really how attraction happens.  When we assess Moon in Synastry Houses Overlay, this time I think that really both people are affected and feel the effect of each other. Moon person feels what he brings to the person who represents house person. And house person feels and receives whatever it is what Moon person.

So, in my readings I always read Moon in 3 layers. First, I am focused on the Birth Chart Moon – in the sign, aspects and placement of the Moon. Then I check Moon in synastry and how are aspects of the Moon in synastry from your partner. In the 3rd layer I uncover Moon in his position in Synastry Houses overlay. Only by considering these 3 important information I am able to come to any conclusion for your relationship.

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