Scarlett Johansson has Sun in the 1st house and has strong presence

 If you have Sun in the 1st house you probably don´t have any doubts about who you are and what is your  life path in this life time. You had that vision about yourself from very early age – that you are someone special who can achieve a lot in life. These people are very confident to the point of being arrogant (this is mostly true when Sun is damaged by harsh aspects from Pluto or Saturn). Having Sun receiving these difficult aspects can also mean that energy of the Sun might be somehow blocked or restricted. If Sun is well aspected in your chart, you radiate strong energy and you have very enthusiastic approach to your life. You are easy to get thrilled about new ideas, people and situations. You are not afraid to stand up for yourself and speak your opinion loudly. Sometimes you may feel that you are almost forced to do so, otherwise you would betray yourself. You might be that kind of person that everyone stands back and watches in awe.

You are singular individual who really knows how to take action in life. You are gifted and talented in knowing what to do and how to do. You not only have ideas but you also have drive to make things happen. You are great for starting and initiating new projects. Don´t forget that 1st house is house originally ruled by Aries, so even if your Sun in the 1st house is in different zodiac sign, you will still have that Aries “go getter spirit”. You are bold and fearless but you don´t take yourself as such because you are very used to this dynamic of pushing your limits higher and higher. You are very natural leader in your life. People usually respect you very well and follow you. But – on the contrary – you are the person who does not respect anyone J. You hate authorities, offices, departments and I believe that because of this feature you suffer in your job a lot. You learn best only by your own experiences and you should do it this way.

Sun is one of the planets we look for when considering best career for person, so if you have your Sun in the 1st house it would be best for you to work on your own, for instance as independent consultant, businessman, freelancer. Just be your own boss, otherwise you will experience many clashes with your superior. You have a big ego and even if you try to “fit in” into existing company rules, you will not. By time you are hired to new work place you want to be best of the best. With this position of the Sun you may not be a hardworker, you rather delegate work to others. With this position you can become almost living example and rolemodel for many people. You should shine in your life. Shining in the spotlight is what is usually said about this position. I believe that many extraordinary souls are born with this position of the Sun, but they should use this advantage for greater good. Yes, you are definitely self-centered person and you see life only from your own perspective, but people turn to you often. They see you as a strong personality who usually makes good decisions and knows what to do in various life situations.