Johny Depp has Uranus in the 1st house and he has tried few public images throughout his life

If you have planet Uranus in the 1st house, or is conjuncting your Ascendant this makes you very different person from the rest (of the world :). It is your unconventional nature, what sometimes gets you into trouble. You hate being told what to do. When people (even your parents) tried to tame you, we both know that you did the opposite of what you have been told. You know how it feels not to be undestood in your own life. One thing has to be clear with you. You don´t fit in. If the rest of your birth chart points on the desire of fitting in into society, this one Uranus in the 1st, is enough to let you know that it is not possible.

This position makes your „weirdo“ and loner at the same time. But this position of Uranus works very well on its own, so you are the person who is very independent and brave. When other people hide, you are willing to take a risk and tell the truth. Truth is what you are after in any given moment and situation. Uranus gives you brilliant perception of people, their facades and situations. That´s why you should trust your instincts, as these are powerful.

With Uranus close to the Ascendant your main role in this life time is to burn conventions and status quo. This position makes you to be revolutionarist. Every time, when there is a craving for a change in society, you are the best person to turn to. You are not afraid of changes in life. You understand very well that being able to adapt to changes in life is practically the only way how to survive in this world. You have to accept the fact that even if you want to live normal life, this will not be the case for you. Life will constantly challenge you and stimulate you to cross the safe zone. This great energy of Uranus will be manifested in two ways in your life: either, it will be you, who will go through major shifts and disruptions in your life or you will see close people around you to be very unstable and on and off with you.
Key role with this massive energy landed in your 1st house of self is to try to incorporate it into your life. With all its shocking waves, unpredictable worries and sudden enlightements. With this position of Uranus, you are typically a person who has many life experiences in every area of your life. I am sure that you have tried many „personas“ because you didn´t know which one is real you. On the other hand, you understand the word evolution, so changing appearances is pretty much connected to your own personal growth. You know that it´s foolish and stupid to be stuck in the same opinion forever. As we grow, so our perceptions of who we are do. This position of Uranus makes you looking younger than is your actual age and influences your whole personality and your lifestyle. Out of box is not just the word for you, it´s basially your life philosophy.